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Recipe – Kidlicious Banana Pancakes

Maple Syrup on PancakesPancakes have long been a staple at the breakfast table, both on and off site.  Some people like syrup on them, others prefer butter, and many more have their own ideas about how pancakes should be best eaten.

My kids, for example, love to load them up with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, frozen raspberries, and any other sweet tasting goodness that we have in stock.

This recipe isn’t about dressing your pancakes though, it’s about cooking a delicious banana taste right into the fluffy breakfast favorite.

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Recipe: Delicious Campfire Baked Potatoes

Baked PotatoesBack with another recipe – this time it’s the ever popular baked potato.

The beauty of this recipe is that you don’t need any special appliances or tools to cook it.  You can bake these potatoes right in your campfire.

Potatoes are great because they don’t need to be refridgerated, which means you save valuable space in your cooler!  They are also a tasty and filling addition to just about any meal you can come up with.

Baking them in the campfire is just one more way to create a healthy and hearty family dinner.

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Recipe: Savory Grilled Asparagus


Are you a fan of asparagus?  I sure am!  As a kid, I don’t recall ever being exposed to this tasty vegetable.  If I had been, I probably wouldn’t have liked it.  It does tend to have an acquired taste.

As an adult, it took me a couple of tries before I really started enjoying the taste.  Now I can’t get enough of it.

From a camping perspective, asparagus is a great addition to any dinner.  It’s a hearty and healthy vegetable that is so easy to cook, well it almost cooks itself!

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Take Breakfast to the Next Level – with Gravy!

I’m not normally a breakfast eater.  I’ve heard all of the lines about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for some reason I just can’t get into it.  As a kid I loved cereal, but eventually I grew out of it.

There is one exception though – I love to eat breakfast when I’m camping.  There’s just something about bacon and eggs at the camp site that really appeal to me.

So when I saw this post about gravy over at the Personal Money Store, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

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Recipe: No Mess Bag-o-Omelet

foodMmm It’s time for another delicious recipe.  This time, we’re going to tackle a breakfast favorite – the omelet!

Making omelets can be a messy task, and most of us hate scrubbing pans while we are camping.  Well, today’s recipe offers up an alternative to cooking omelets in a frying pan.  We’re going to boil them in Ziploc sandwich bags to keep the mess under wraps.

If your family loves having omelets for breakfast, they are going to love the bag-o-omelet.  It’s a tasty, nutritional treat that is sure to start their day off with a smile.

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Recipe: Corn on the Cob – Campfire Style

foodEvery camper I’ve ever met has agreed that it just isn’t camping without at least one meal that includes corn on the cob.  There is something about rolling that steaming cob in some soft butter that really gets the taste buds excited.

Here is a recipe that is sure to win the kids over when your family is spending time enjoying the great outdoors.  It is incredibly easy and the corn will be amazingly tender.  You’ll wonder how you ever got on without it!

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