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Recipe – Kidlicious Banana Pancakes

Maple Syrup on PancakesPancakes have long been a staple at the breakfast table, both on and off site.  Some people like syrup on them, others prefer butter, and many more have their own ideas about how pancakes should be best eaten.

My kids, for example, love to load them up with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, frozen raspberries, and any other sweet tasting goodness that we have in stock.

This recipe isn’t about dressing your pancakes though, it’s about cooking a delicious banana taste right into the fluffy breakfast favorite.

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Take Breakfast to the Next Level – with Gravy!

I’m not normally a breakfast eater.  I’ve heard all of the lines about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for some reason I just can’t get into it.  As a kid I loved cereal, but eventually I grew out of it.

There is one exception though – I love to eat breakfast when I’m camping.  There’s just something about bacon and eggs at the camp site that really appeal to me.

So when I saw this post about gravy over at the Personal Money Store, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

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Recipe: No Mess Bag-o-Omelet

foodMmm It’s time for another delicious recipe.  This time, we’re going to tackle a breakfast favorite – the omelet!

Making omelets can be a messy task, and most of us hate scrubbing pans while we are camping.  Well, today’s recipe offers up an alternative to cooking omelets in a frying pan.  We’re going to boil them in Ziploc sandwich bags to keep the mess under wraps.

If your family loves having omelets for breakfast, they are going to love the bag-o-omelet.  It’s a tasty, nutritional treat that is sure to start their day off with a smile.

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