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Internet While Camping – Staying Connected

Camping WWWIt’s the digital age.  Nearly 75% of homes in the US and Canada have internet access.  People are connecting electronically more than they ever have before.  Young and old alike, you’d be hard pressed to find any significant number of people without at least an email address in today’s world.

So what do you do when you take a week or two off and head out with the tent, trailer, or RV?  Let’s take a look at how to keep Facebook up-to-date, check email, or read your favorite blog posts while roughing it in the great outdoors.

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Save Money While Camping – Part 5

Money SignWe’ve finally made it to article number five in this five part series on saving money while you camp!

Just to recap,  we’ve bought our firewoodwe’ve made a list and checked it twice, we’ve taken advantage of some great loyalty programs and travel memberships, and we’ve taken a good look at saving money on our groceries.

I usually like to save the best for last and today is no exception.  The final topic in this series is all about entertainment.

Tip 5 – Plan for fun, but frugal entertainment.

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7 Helpful Tips for Preventing Motion Sickness

Moving CarThis is a guest post written by my wife, Amber.  Let me tell you, she has years of experience dealing with motion sickness.  Our youngest daughter gets sick on almost every extended car ride.  Here is what Amber had to say…

Depending on your camping destination, you may be faced with a lengthy drive (check out Great Ways to Combat “Are We There Yet?”).  We have certainly had our fair share of them.  For us, this usually means dealing with the effects of motion sickness in one or more of the children.

Luckily, we have gathered some great advice over the years for handling just such a scenario.

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Taking the Kids to the Beach? 12 Items You can’t Forget!

Sand CastleThe sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and the only thing on your mind is grabbing the little ones and hitting the beach.  The refreshing sound of the water, the sand on your toes, and the hot sun warming your skin.

It’s a win-win situation.  The kids love playing in the sand and water, and you get to work on your tan!

Read on to make sure that have all the necessities in your beach bag to keep your kids safe and healthy while enjoying the sand and surf.

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Great Ways to Combat “Are We There Yet?”

side mirrorIf you’ve ever taken the kids camping before, or even on an extended road trip, then you are likely familiar with the words “are we there yet?”.  It has to be the most popular phrase ever uttered by children since the dawn of the automobile.

To a child, a five minute span can feel like an eternity – with each interval ending with those dreaded words.  To a parent, an hour long car ride could equate to a dozen or more chances to hear this phrase – and that is on a per child basis.

I’ve developed some strategies for dealing with the wee ones when we embark on a road trip adventure.

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Kids Feel Safe Sporting the Lego Man Headlamp

lego headlampWatching my own kids while we camp leads me on a path down memory lane.  When I think back to being knee-high to a grasshopper and camping, the one thing that was the same about every trip was how scary it could get once the sun went down.

Some things never change.  My kids always feel more secure when they have a flashlight with them.  Well, the Play Visions company has come up with a way to make the night even less scary – they injected a little bit of Lego into it.

Now your kids can have fun while conquering their fears of the dark.
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