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Video – Jack Russell Digs RV Out Of The Sand

It’s time for this week’s Video of the Week!

I’ve seen it plenty of times, some unsuspecting RV owner decides to try their luck at the beach and doesn’t have any idea just how easy it is to get stuck in the sand.  Heck, we’ve even shown videos about it before!

Don’t give up hope though, there may just be an easy way to get your motorhome un-stuck.  Enter the Jack Russel Terrier…


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9 Things Every Dog Owner Needs While Camping

Dogs in a TentIf you like camping, and you love dogs, then you probably bring your family pet along with you whenever you camp.  If you’ve never brought your four-legged pal with you, maybe it’s time to give it a try!

Bringing your family pet along with you is a great way to complete the experience and really enjoy the time with your whole family – humans and animals alike.  You can also save some money by not needing to board them in a kennel.

Here is a list of stuff that you’ll want to remember to bring along.

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