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DIY: De-winterize your Tow-able RV or Travel Trailer

13 Apr

Trailer SignIt’s exciting when this time of year rolls around again. The snow has melted (if you get snow), the birds are chirping, the air is warming, and your thoughts turn to sitting around a campfire with loved ones.  What could be better?

This step by step guide will help you get your RV ready for the camping season.

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Internet While Camping – Staying Connected

01 Apr

Camping WWWIt’s the digital age.  Nearly 75% of homes in the US and Canada have internet access.  People are connecting electronically more than they ever have before.  Young and old alike, you’d be hard pressed to find any significant number of people without at least an email address in today’s world.

So what do you do when you take a week or two off and head out with the tent, trailer, or RV?  Let’s take a look at how to keep Facebook up-to-date, check email, or read your favorite blog posts while roughing it in the great outdoors.

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Video – The Manufacturing of a Popup Tent Trailer

20 Jun

Movie SignThis week’s video of the week is very exciting for me.  I’m a big fan of the television show How It’s Made, and this video is a clip from the show.

How It’s Made is a tv show that is all about a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing of common products found in the marketplace.  Everything from erasers to dump trucks have been featured.

This particular episode features the manufacturing of a popup tent trailer.  You get to follow a popup as it makes it’s way down the assembly line.

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Video – Chill A Coke In 2 Minutes!

28 May

Movie SignIt’s time for this week’s Video of the Week!

This week we’re going to take a look at a video implementation that compliments our article Super Chill Your Drink in Just a Couple of Minutes, which was posted a couple of weeks ago.

This video serves as a testament to just how easy this nifty trick is, as it provides you with a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.

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DIY: Sterilize Your RV’s Fresh Water System

18 May

Wrech SignDo you ever notice that the water in your RV has a stale taste or slight odor after it’s been sitting for a while?  Sometimes the water may seem a little off even when you’ve been using it regularly.

The most likely culprit is that your fresh water system is due for a cleaning!  Bacteria love to make homes in an RV water system, so it’s best to sterilize that system on a regular basis.

No need to worry though, it’s an easy job that you can take care of yourself, we’ll tell you how.

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Super Chill Your Drink in Just a Couple of Minutes

09 May

Coca-Cola GlassCamping trips usually start out the same – you arrive at your camp site, unload your vehicle, and setup your tent or trailer.  This is often done in some sweltering heat and leaves you sweating profusely and looking for a cold drink.

Have you ever gotten to this point and found that you brought the drinks, but forgot to put them in the fridge or cooler?  Now all you have is warm soda or beer to quench your thirst.

Well this simple trick can chill your canned or bottled drink to an incredibly cool temperature in just a couple of minutes.

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How to Spot Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

04 May

Wikipedia Poison OakFortunately, my family has never had to endure the pain and frustration that comes from contact with poison ivy or poison oak.

That said, FreeMD statistics on these pesky plants show that 9 out of 10 people who come into contact with poison ivy or oak will develop an allergic rash.

Let’s look at ways to identify these dangerous plants and hopefully avoid some unnecessary pain.

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