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Reminder – Tick Season

I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the dangers of ticks.  It’s that time of year again where the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are starting to bud.  When you are out enjoying nature, be mindful of your surroundings – especially in areas where ticks might be inhabiting.

This morning my wife took the dog for a walk down a wooded trail and about an hour after returning home, she discovered a tick crawling on her neck.  This evening, while sitting in the living room, I felt something on the back of my neck.  I reached back and touched what felt like a scab on my neck.  It was another tick!

That’s enough reminder for me.  Check out this article on ticks to help you be better prepared.

8 Great Ways To Keep The Bears Away

Sweden._Stockholm._Djurgården._Skansen_101 Yesterday I wrote about 10 tips for surviving a bear encounter.  That got me thinking though.  Maybe the best way to deal with a bear encounter is to try to prevent one altogether.

So I’ve put together a list of tips that will help keep the bears from showing up at your camp site.  Prevention is much easier to handle than an actual encounter.

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10 Tips For Surviving a Bear Encounter

Malaysian_Sun_Bear Camping and wilderness seem to go hand in hand.  It just doesn’t have the same appeal when you think about camping in the parking lot at your local Wal-mart.

Enjoying the wilderness also means taking on the potential risks that come with it.  There are any number of dangers in the wild – from poison ivy to wild animals and everything in between.

Bears definitely fall into that category.  They are beautiful creatures to observe, but they deserve a great deal of respect and caution.  We’re going to look at some tips for surviving a bear encounter while camping.

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Ticks and What You Need To Know About Them

Tick_jena Ticks are an often underestimated and poorly understood foe.  In my travels I’ve found that the majority of family campers that I have met lack a good understanding about ticks and the dangers they bring with them.

Let’s take a look at why we should be worried about ticks, how to spot them, how to keep them at bay, and what to do if you get bitten by one.

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Time to Check Your Batteries!

Inside Smoke DetectorMost of us remember to change the batteries in our household smoke alarms on a regular basis. If you’re like me, it’s because the smoke alarm lets out an annoying beep every few minutes when the battery gets low.

The luxury in that is that you are in your home all year round, so you are likely to hear it.  If you happen to store your RV for the winter, and your battery dies during storage, then you aren’t likely to hear the beeping when you prep your RV for the season.

This makes it extra important to remember to check your RV smoke alarms at the beginning of the season.   Continue reading Time to Check Your Batteries!