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11 More Great Ways to Chill Out When the Heat is On

heatwaveIf you read our earlier article titled 11 Ways to Keep Cool in a Heat Wave, then you are already on your way to successfully staying cool when the temperature rises.

We’ve put together an additional 11 tips to help you keep your body temperature low, even when mother nature has other plans for it.

This list is full of some easy and cheap tricks that you can do while you are enjoying the family camp-out, but that’s not the only place.  Try them at home, they’ll work great there too!

  1. Spray yourself.  A cheap spray bottle full of cold water can create a cool mist on the back of your neck, your shirt, or even the bed sheets.
  2. Eat some Popsicles.  The kids love ’em, but adults can enjoy them too.
  3. Use ice, or ice packs, to cool you down by rubbing them on your arms, legs and neck.
  4. Use a cloth soaked in cold water on your forehead or back of your neck.
  5. Get your sightseeing in!  Many of the places you may plan to visit on your trip will be air conditioned!
  6. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off of your head.
  7. Suck on some ice chips from the cooler.
  8. Turn off the RV lights.  Lights typically used in RVs generate a tremendous amount of heat.  Try using LED lights where possible.
  9. Replenish your electrolytes.  I’m not talking about Gatorade and Powerade – as they contain too much sugar.  Specialty drinks such as Accelerade will do, or you can even make your own! (credit: Lifehacker)
  10. Buy a Chillow Pillow to place in your pillow case.  This will help while sleeping and napping.
  11. Take a cold shower.  This is a great way to quickly feel refreshed!

Here are some helpful products that can help you get that body temperature down!

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Extreme heat can put a real damper on your camping activities, but following these tips could just save the day!